RMA Membership

Membership of RMA, the world’s longest established and most highly regarded track day organisation is available to enthusiasts who are prepared to conform to our ‘track rules’ and show consideration and respect for other participants irrespective of their level of experience and is by application only. All applicants must be known to RMA or have their application endorsed by an existing member.

There are two options:
Option 1

Membership - UK and Continental Events

  • At least £25.00 discount off each event but in most cases, the discount will be much more.
  • One complimentary extra driver or passenger at UK events, one complimentary passenger or discounted extra driver at European events(excluding Partner Events)
  • Distinctive member’s track passes.
  • Priority booking on garages up until 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • Fast track registration and briefing.
  • Exclusive invites and special offers.
Option 2

Platinum Membership

  • Access to all RMA UK and European events included. Partner Events at additional cost.
  • Unlimited extra drivers and passengers at each event.
  • Inclusive use of a garage space at each event.
  • Distinctive VIP wristbands and track passes.
  • Exclusive invites and special offers.
  • Fast track registration and briefing – queue jump, no more long lines in the morning! Come to the front and we will hand you your VIP wristband.

Please download the application form below and return to info@rmatrackdays.com.

All memberships will run from January to December.

Application Form