A Typical RMA Track Day

You will receive what we call ‘Final Instructions’ by email a few days prior to the event. This will confirm timings, the location of the registration and briefing as well as reiterate certain rules, regulations, procedures and requirements. Please make sure you read these properly before leaving home.

If you have pre booked a garage you will receive a copy of the garage plan shortly before the event.

If you have pre booked instruction you will be notified of your time slot at registration if this has not already been arranged directly with the instructor.

A typical day will run on the following lines:-

  • 8.00am - Registration commences.
  • 8.40am – Drivers briefing – attendance is mandatory for all non members
  • 9.00am – Track goes live.
  • 9.20am – Circuit opens, where after we will endeavour to operate the day with an open pit lane allowing unlimited access to all participants, however we reserve the right to run sessions if the circuit length relative to the number of participants, potential speed differentials or weather conditions dictate that sessions would be in the best interest of safety. Track would go live now if familiarisation laps were added.
  • 1.00 -2.00pm - We would usually have a break for lunch.
  • 5.00pm – Circuit closes, earlier during winter hours due to restricted daylight.

Instruction on RMA Events

On RMA track days we offer an exclusive familiarisation session to all newcomers prior to commencing the day. Further instruction is available from Leyton or one of our other ARDS Grade A instructors from £80 an hour. Ideally we would recommend two sessions, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, with some time on your own putting into practice what you have learnt from your instructor.

For the experienced racer we can arrange instruction from the very man who coaches the F1 Pilots, although his fee will be somewhat more than £80 an hour! All our instructors work on a freelance basis so you usually would pay them directly.

Leyton Clarke

Layton Clarke

Leyton Clarke - is RMA's Chief Instructor and an ARDS grade A Instructor. In 2007 Leyton was selected by the British Racing Drivers Club as a BRDC Rising Star, he has competed at International level, won two Championships and drove for the Lotus team in the British GT Championship in 2011. He has extensive experience having raced and instructed at circuits all over Europe. Click to check out Leyton’s website.

" Driving on a race track is vastly different to any kind of road driving, the skills needed to become an experienced and competent road driver are nowhere near the same as the skills needed to drive quickly and safely on the track. With most of the current F1 field still receiving coaching on a regular basis it’s not unreasonable to say that even the best track day drivers would benefit from some coaching! In my opinion, for the track day beginner, you are mad if getting some coaching isn't the first thing you do! "

Layton Clarke

Please note all our instructors are self employed and work freelance, however it is most important that you advise us either when booking or by calling +44 (0) 1628 779 000 if you require their services to ensure availability. The instructor will then contact you to discuss your requirements and arrange a time slot. Payment should be made by cash or cheque direct to the instructor.