Audi Launch New R8 V10 Plus! | RMA Track Days
February 21 2013

Audi Launch New R8 V10 Plus!

What is it?

The lighter, faster, more focused and coupe-only V10 Plus sits at the top of the new 2013 Audi R8 range. There’s no ‘Plus’ badging, but it’s easy to spot one thanks to its carbonfibre splitter, door-mirror shells, side-blades and rear diffuser. It can also be had in a unique Sepang Blue satin paint finish, while gloss black wheels are standard. It costs £127,575.

Technical highlights?

The R8 Plus’s 5.2-litre engine develops an extra 24bhp and 7lb ft to raise power and torque to 542bhp and 398lb ft over the standard V10. The motor feels creamy smooth yet has a wonderful sense of crazy ferocity as you work towards the 8000rpm red line, the quattro four-wheel-drive digging in hard. With Sport mode engaged it sounds magnificent, hollering and whooping under hard acceleration, then popping and gargling as you brake and downshift. With the seven-speed S-tronic twin-clutch gearbox tested here, 0-62mph takes just 3.5sec (a tenth quicker than the regular V10 R8) while the top speed is 197mph.

The V10 Plus gets carbon-ceramic brakes, which contribute 12kg to a total weight saving of 50kg over the 1620kg regular V10 coupe, other savings coming from more extensive use of carbonfibre in the body and lighter seats.

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