Blind land speed record broken! | RMA Track Days
October 07 2013

Blind land speed record broken!

RMA Track Days talks about the blind land speed record holder...

Whoever you are, 186mph is pretty damn quick in a car. When you're blind, that's a staggering achievement. But Mike Newman has done just that as an average speed, and claimed the blind land speed record in the process.

Mike is fairly familiar with outrageous feats for a man with no sight as he also holds an Aerial Acrobatic Record for flying the most consecutive formation loops. His previous land speed record of 176mph, hit in a BMW M5, was beaten in 2010 by Metin Senturk, who managed 182mph in a Ferrari F430.

And here's what's next; brave man!So, not to be outdone, Mike went to Bruntingthorpe to claim the record back. The car, a Porsche 997 GT2, would be scary enough for s a fully-sighted person to drive so extra kudos to Mike there for that.

And he's not finished yet, far from it. According to his website the next adventure will see him attempt to take both the land and water speed records simultaneously. On 11th October, World Sight Day, he will return to Bruntingthorpe with a Noble M600 and aim for over 182mph unaccompanied. He will then head to Torquay to attempt the blind water speed record in an F1 power boat, which stands at 91mph.

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