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January 25 2013

Come to our Donington Noisy Day!

As a past RMA instructor, but still in touch with activities with e-mail updates , I always like to know how RMA days are going, and as the official BTCC safety car driver, I also take an interest on how Graham's track days go on the circuits I visit. Having just read the latest e- mail about track prices for noisy days at Donington, it never fails to make me smile to know that Graham looks out for your welfare and ultimately your pocket! It is frustrating to know that costs go up, but turning up to find your car is too noisy for the track, is more than a waste of time to enthusiasts who have nice cars, but are gloriously noisy too! So for RMA to not only let you know, but also give you the chance to find out for sure just how noisy your car is, so that you don't turn up in future hoping for the best, only to find you're "all revved up, but no place to go!" Is more than a lot of other track day people would do!

I hope Donington and other circuits will see that by cutting days back for noise is something that could cost them more in the long run, and to fight a little more with councils to have the right to not only be a race circuit, but act like one too! Noise restrictions are usually brought on by people who move close to a track... then complain! You can only imagine the words I would use to express my thoughts on those people, as I'm not a fan of public swearing! However I hope you take Graham's advice and make the noisy day a good one! I think I'll come along to it, just in case glorious noisy cars get PC'd out of existence some day!

Have fun, and if you do have cars under 98db's... Get them out there on RMA days.... They are the best track day people in the world..... Probably! (Apologies to Carlsberg for blatant copying)



Scott Stringfellow

BTCC Safety Car Driver

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