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January 21 2013

Donington Park Track Day Information for 2013

As you may be aware Donington Park suffers noise restrictions like most circuits, in their case they are restricted to a limited number of ‘noisy days’ each year, all other days have to be run at a strict 98 db (A) drive-by limit. With noisy days being in short supply they have always been surcharged and are now over 60% more expensive than ‘quiet’ days.

As a track day organiser we have always strived to supply quality events at circuits that will suit the majority of our clients and have paid the premium for noisy days since our inception back in 1990. However the market has changed considerably, more and more cars are now capable of complying with Donington’s ‘quiet’ drive by limit, even the McLaren MP4-12c only registers around 92 dB (A)!

During last season we found that on most Donington events we were paying the ‘noisy day’ premium for the benefit of less than 10% of those attending with cars that would have failed the drive-by level. The higher price we were charging for the benefit of being able to run these cars was not only unfair on the majority of attendees, it was also putting off a lot of potential customers who ran noise compliant cars. A no win situation for the majority of our customers and us.

We could of course continue to run noisy days and promote them to race teams to make up the numbers, I have absolutely no doubt that there are a lot of BTCC, British GT and Historic competitors, plus plenty of other racers who would welcome the opportunity of additional unrestricted testing and quite happily pay a premium price but I do not believe that should be what a track day is about, and certainly not the way I want to take RMA. Consequently I have decided the only acceptable and financially viable option is to run quiet days in the future.

However I appreciate many regulars will have no idea as to whether or not their car will be compliant as drive-by levels are impossible to simulate anywhere other than at the venue to which they apply, we have therefore arranged a ‘noisy’ day on 7th March which we are offering at just £240, equivalent to a ‘quiet day’ price. With Donington’s co-operation their noise control official will be in attendance and monitoring all cars on drive-by, advising anyone whose car would not be permitted to run on future ‘quiet’, days without additional silencing. Static noise tests will also be available providing the opportunity to collect additional data on your car. Participants will also be invited into race control to see exactly how the drive- by monitoring is carried out.

Apart from being a good value day out at what is my favourite circuit, this is a unique, one off, subsidised opportunity to ascertain your car’s ability to run at Donington on future RMA events. Drive by limits are virtually impossible to correlate against static tests and as Donington’s planning regulations stipulate drive by limits that is what counts. No one at RMA or Donington Park will be able to give accurate advice on the likely compliance of any particular car for future events.

If you have the slightest doubt as to whether your car will comply with the 98 dB (A) drive-by please help us to help you enjoy this fabulous circuit with us in the future and reserve your place now. Conversely, if you have a totally non-compliant car and don’t intend to quieten it, this could be your last chance; or you just fancy a day on track with your already quiet car you are welcome to join us!

To book the 7th March date and to see our other track days for 2013 take a look at our events page.

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