October 18 2013

Driver coaching and the risks of the passenger seat

Instructors put their lives in danger to help you be a better, faster driver.

The next time—or the first time—you show up for a trackday and some guy or girl you’ve never met drops into the freshly Lexoled passenger seat of your car, take a moment to get to know that person.

He’s taking a risk.

He’s betting on you to do the right thing. To listen, to be responsible and responsive. To trust his instruction over your street-honed instincts. To be a safe and considerate student.

He’s willing to put his life in danger to help you be a better, faster driver.

If you think about it for a moment, that isn’t something most people would do for a total stranger. Your instructor, however, is. Which means he’s probably a pretty decent guy, all things considered.

Sean Edwards will be missed for many reasons, not the least of which was that he was willing to get in the passenger seat to help someone become better. Even though he knew the risks, as all of us do.

A pretty decent guy, indeed.

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