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June 29 2011

Excellent Leasing Deal

An old friend and former racer Gary Townsend who runs one of the UK’s largest short term rental fleet of cars and light commercial vehicles, has very kindly promised to donate £500 towards Leyton’s sponsorship fund for every car rented through an RMA/Leyton Clarke introduction.

All the cars Gary rents are brand new and usually changed every six month. There is only a six week minimum rental period and although the scheme is designed for short term rental the complete lack of financial commitment, the ability to change the vehicle whenever you like, no maintenance costs, no depreciation and up to 24,000 miles per year included make the offer extremely viable for long term use. There is a wide range of vehicles available although the majority tend to be ‘run of the mill’ Fords, Vauxhalls, Volkswagens’ and similar, ideal for company cars or a family run about. Short term insurance can also be included for over 25’s at just £15 per week if required.

Below are a few examples – there are many more available - for more information call Leyton on 07762 180059 who will happily put you in touch with Gary if he can’t answer your questions.

Small cars at £65.00 per week all petrol

Vauxhall Corsa

Peugeot 207

Renault Clio

Hyundai i20

Medium at £90.00 per week + VAT

VW Golf TDi

Vauxhall Astra TDi

Peugeot 308 TDi

Large at £120.00 per week + VAT

VW Passat TDi

Vauxhall Insignia TDi

Ford Mondeo TDi

VW Tiguan TDi

Nissan Qashqai TDi

Toyota Rav 4 TDi at £110.00 per week + VAT

Vans all diesel

VW Caddy £85.00 per week + VAT

VW Transporter £90.00 per week + VAT

VW Crafter £120.00 per week + VAT

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