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February 12 2012

February Newsletter

Graham's bit...

Despite the fact that there has been no activity on track things have been pretty busy here at RMA Towers, having finally got the 2012 programme together we, being mainly Lizzi, have done a lot of work updating the content and appearance of the website. I hope you can spare a few minutes having a look through it otherwise it will have all been for nothing!

New features include some updated photos, an improved Partners page featuring organisations we have dealt with either personally or professionally and are happy to recommend or to introduce. There are also much improved circuit maps which, along with our chief instructors take on each track on this year's schedule, some may find useful. There is a very comprehensive Q&A section and a page featuring a selection of track prepared cars available for hire. We also have a much more active News Page with Twitter and Facebook feeds and have tried to make the whole site more user friendly, let us know what you think and send us your news. Are you racing this season, got a car for sale, had a baby - maybe not that, but anything that maybe of interest let us know and we'll publicize it.

The 'royal we' have also spent many long hours scanning in a whole load of old photos taken at some of the many events and dinners we have organised over the last 21 years, I think you'll find them well worth a look and you'll probably recognise several familiar faces, maybe even your own! There is a bottle of wine on offer to the first person to email Lizzi with the name of the person stood with our esteemed Honorary Chairman Derek Bell MBE.


Finally if you would like to be included on our Partners Page give me a call, but please remember this facility is only available to people or businesses we know well, have personal experience of, or come highly recommended by an established RMA Member.

Stay safe and hopefully see you at Brands.

Best regards


Forthcoming Events

Nürburgring Nordschleife GP - from €575

23rd March 2012

Following numerous requests we have managed to obtain a limited number of places on the track/test days prior to the VLN races throughout the year. The days run from 8am - 2pm with an open pit lane and the long straight open. The cost is 575 Euro, as this is not an RMA event we will not be in attendance. We would suggest it is only suitable for the experienced driver. To book please call the office on 01628 779 000.

For more information on the Nordshchleife and to read our chief instructors take on the circuit click here or to book call the office.

Brands Hatch Indy - from £195

105 dB(A), 28th March 2012

The nature of this circuit and the potential speed differential of the cars/drivers we are likely to attract means that common sense dictates we run this day in sessions. It will be the first time in several years and we don't plan to make a habit of it but we are absolutely certain that sessions will help ensure that everyone gets a decent amount of track time and a worthwhile day.

For more information on Brands Hatch Indy and to read our chief instructors take on the circuit click here or to book click here.

Donington GP - from £350

Unrestricted, 3rd April 2012

There aren't too many days left in the whole of Europe when you can run completely unsilenced, this is one of them so don't miss it!!

For more information on Donington Park and to read our chief instructors take on the circuit click here or to book click here.

Silverstone GP - from £350

105 dB(A), 3rd May 2012

There aren't many GP dates available this year either so make sure this one goes in the diary.

For more information on Silverstone Grand Prix and to read our chief instructors take on the circuit click here or to book click here.

Spa Francorchamps - from £345

106 dB(A), 21st and 22nd May 2012

Last May we had to turn around forty people away who had left their booking too late and the event was full. With booking already approaching 75% capacity we will inevitably have a similar problem this year, if you intend to come book it now.

For more information on Spa Francorchamps and to read our chief instructors take on the circuit click here or to book click here.

Track Day Extravaganza

Bookings for this event are arriving on a regular basis. We have already reached in excess of 20% of capacity and with a large number of potential group bookings coming from around the world the amount of availability could change very quickly. If you intend to join us on this event we would recommend securing your place as soon as possible.

For more details on the Extravaganza click here or to book click here.

Have You Got Your Winter Tyres On?

It's the law in many parts of Europe! If you missed the news item the 'royal we' posted a few days ago click here and check out the video. After watching it, you will then want to call Mark at Event Tyres and order a set of Michelins before it gets any colder!

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