How to log in to the new Website. | RMA Track Days
January 20 2011

How to log in to the new Website.

In order to save you time we have already populated the new website all your details yo save you having to re-register.

How to get your new username and password:

1. Go to the HOME page and click in the top right hand corner button : REGISTER.

2. Key in your email address (If your data is already on the system you will be asked to request your unique passcode to enable you to log in.)

3. Select REQUEST PASSWORD and this will be emailed to you automatically and you can log straight in.

4. Once you have logged in, go to the top right again and click MY HOMEPAGE where you can update your address and contact details currently held with us.

Please note: If your email address is not recognised (it should be the one we send emails to) then you will need to re-register with us. Some data may have been lost in the transfer we apologise for this and ask you to register with us.

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