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February 15 2011

Latest Information on the Nurburgring from Ron Simons at RSR

Nurburgring in Trouble; RSR need your HELP!!!!!!!!

Many of you know about the Nuro-Disney development here at the Nurburgring but not many know about the finer details. Please take a look on for a quick overview. If you agree and/or want to help, please sign the PETITION.

What does this trouble at the ring mean for you as a visitor?

In the long term there will be no free choice of any service around the ring since Lindner group wants to offer everything exclusively themselves. They will sideline all the local businesses untill these locals give up the fight. In the short term you will experience higher prices, no alternative options on car hire, camera's, driver instruction, hotel, restaurant etc etc.

Will the Nurburgring close down soon?

Not likely and for sure you will be able to 'drive the ring' this year. However with half a bilion in debts, this can't go on forever and therefore it is needed that you support the several initiatives to improve the situation here and preserve this great track for the future.

What can you do to help?

First thing is to sign the petition at SAVE THE RING

Then, while you come over to the area, use all the local businesses where ever this is possible. So local rental companies, local hotels and restaurants etc etc. The city of Adenau is a real Eifel town and don't forget the local guesthouses and famous Pistenklause restaurant in the village of Nurburg.

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