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January 13 2014

Leyton's Asian Adventures

Travelling update: So the inspiration for my adventure through Asia was Danny Boyle's movie "The Beach" and today, months into my trip I've finally made it to Koh Phi Phi! I woke up in the dark, hired a long tail boat with a captain, and headed for the deserted island where they made the film. Against all odds, when we arrived there wasn't a single person to be seen! Just like in the movie, just how it should be, a pure idyllic paradise! Even the captain had never seen the island empty, so he was as thrilled as me! We sat down on the beach together, with only the noise from the ocean, and it made me realise that you genuinely need nothing in life to experience complete happiness, you just need to find the things that make you truly happy, and that isn't anything you can hold. Getting to have the place that started this adventure for me all to myself, has got to be one of the highlights of my life! It was a truly overwhelming happiness, and yes, I'm not going to lie, a few tears were shed. There is only one life guys, so it may as well be lived!

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