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July 29 2014

Michelin hit Track Days hard with Pilot Sport Challenge!

RMA Track Days talks about the Michelin Pilot Sport Challenge

Now, here’s a great opportunity to enhance your racing potential and high-speed driving abilities. Michelin has introduced its innovative track day programme in the UK for motor racing aficionados. The programme will help them pursue their passion and hone their skills like never before. Are you ready to take the Michelin Pilot Sport Challenge?

Track days have, over the fast few decades, become an integral part of the motorsport scene in Britain. These happen to offer the best way to test and improve your racing skills in the safest possible milieu.

The best that most die hard racing fans can do to follow their passion is watch racing series like British Touring Cars or Formula One from the comfort of their homes; or possibly amidst the fervour at a racing event. But from now on, there is a better way to pursue your passion religiously.

Do you ever envision yourself driving like a true car racer? Do you ever wonder how you would fare driving along the bends of real racing track? Then we have some good news for you.

‘Challenge’ Your Racing Skills

Michelin, one of the world’s most prominent tyre manufacturers has offered its unique Pilot Sport Challenge initiative. If you are among those who want to experience this sport at its best, you will now be able to do that by sharpening your driving techniques on the straights and turns of a real-life motor racing circuit.

Michelin has partnered with RMA Track Days to deliver its Pilot Sport Experience and Challenge track day programme for racing patrons in the UK. This unique initiative has a competitive edge over any other programme on the same lines in the track day scenario. The Challenge will enable passionate or amateur racers to pit their skills against Europe’s finest.

The ‘Challenge’

As a part of the Sport Challenge, participants get a free lap timer smart phone app developed by Michelin. The whole idea is to enable racers to set a particular lap time, which they can best attempt to reproduce. The real test is to be able to drive safely and consistently at a high speed, the ideal characteristics of a good driver. The Challenge involves deduction of points for variation in target time – one point for every 1/10th of a second above or below the mark.

The Pilot Sport Challenge contest consists of a racing round at the popular Silverstone circuit this September. Michelin will also award two ace racers with a prize of hospitality at Le Mans in 2015.

All event entrants will be eligible for free guidance and tips from Michelin-certified track day and tyre professional before, throughout and after the Challenge. Participants from nations such as France, Belgium Germany, Spain and Italy will also participate at the event, which is open to all drivers using an automobile equipped with any Michelin Pilot Sport tyre.

Michelin UK and Ireland division’s Commercial Director, Malcolm Scovell, calls this initiative an exciting development for the tyre maker. He stated that they view motorsport as a research laboratory that helps them push the boundaries of radial capacities. And this, in turn, allows them to improve their products across a broad range of criteria, he concluded.

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