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February 08 2012

Nurburgring Operators Sacked!

Various motorsport media sources are reporting that the much maligned private operators of the Nurburgring have been fired by the state owned German racing facility.

The Ring was formerly publicly owned until the reins were handed over to new owners in May 2010. Keen to take advantage of the Nurburgrings famous status an unsuccessful theme park and hotel complex was developed which as well as appearing to be a white elephant also took a lot of business from the local area.

The news that the management company have been asked to leave is a welcome step, although it may take some time for the situation to be finally resolved as the search is now on for the next operators.

RMA have supported the Save the Ring cause over the years and hope that this news bodes well for the future!

More news can be found on Pistonheads and Jalopnik

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