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October 26 2013

RMA November Spa Cancellation Due to Noise

Unfortunately we received this letter from Spa last week:

'We have a problem for the 23/ 24 of November and we want to cancel this day.

In fact we are not able to give you the possibility to organize your incentive in condition required for a track day.

Some explanation about this information.

Regarding our official operating license we can use our track between the 16 of March till the 14 of November.

However, due the fact that we have a lot of cancellation track day during March, the administration gives us the opportunity to extend our using track period till the 24 of November on a first time in the normal track day rule.

On this week, we receive a complement information about the noise level. On this official document, the administration responsible explained that they will very strict about the noise measure and they will accept only a level of 95db.

Not one excess noise will be allow.

That’s mean that you and especially your participant will take a big risk to be excluded for 1db (96db).

From then on, we think that it’s more secure to cancel your track day.

We can understand that this information is really unpleasant regarding the different contact and reservation from your customer but we have no way to resolve this problem.'

If anyone has any questions regarding this cancellation please call RMA on 01628 779000

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