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October 27 2013

RMA October Newsletter

Graham's bit...

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy here at RMA Towers. Silverstone on the 18th was fully subscribed with the event considerably enhanced by the presence of McLaren who bought along a selection of their fabulous 12c supercars for guests to try on the full GP circuit. Unfortunately Leyton didn't get the chance to drive as he was fully booked instructing so wasn't able to try and beat the 178 mph he achieved when he drove the car at Spa in May!

For those of you who joined us at Silverstone there are some photos from the day on our gallery and Facebook page.

A few days later it was off to Spa, another fully subscribed event and the best weather we've seen there for many a year. Audi joined us with two of my favourite cars, the R8 V10 Plus, two RS6's and an RS4 for our guests to drive on the awesome Francorchamps circuit. They were with us for the two full days along with a film crew and just about everyone who wanted to try these fantastic cars had the opportunity. We have a number of other high performance manufacturers wanting to join us next season so watch this space! Check out the pictures on our gallery and Facebook page.

Whilst at Spa I had meetings with a number of people, in one particular meeting, I managed to secure two days at Spa over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th November for the price of a single day – meaning we can offer either or both the Saturday and Sunday for just £395 along with a no risk bad weather guarantee!!

In addition as Leyton will be travelling in Southeast Asia we have recruited the services of our favourite female instructor Sabine Schmitz of Top Gear fame as our Chief Instructor.

For full details of our 'No Risk' guarantee along with outstanding no risk offers on track car rental, Eurotunnel and accommodation please click here.

Finally, if you've already booked Spa your booking will be honoured and valid for the above.

Donington Park 14th October

With all the excitement about Spa don't forget we are at Donington in less than two weeks, a full day on one of the best circuits in the UK at a very reasonable off season low price. Although officially a 'quiet day' at 98 dB (A) most regular cars qualify, if you're not too sure about yours give me a ring. To book your place click here.

Keep it on the black stuff.


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