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October 03 2011

RMA Track Day Extravaganza


17th 18th & 19th September 2012

The Programme

Designed to follow on from the fabulous Goodwood Revival Meeting the RMA Track day Extravaganza gets underway at the iconic Brands Hatch where we have booked the full Grand Prix Circuit and Top Gear Live star Paul Swift.

When you’re not driving on track, Paul will give rides in a car driven on two wheels, teach you J turns and demonstrate parking skills which will simply amaze and then invite anyone brave enough to have a go! You will also have the opportunity to compete against Paul in an Autotest with a bottle of champagne for whoever gets closest – no one’s going to beat him! All Paul’s activities use his cars so there is no need to worry about damaging your own!

Lunch will be served in the Jackie Stewart suite overlooking the start finish line.

From Brands it’s a journey of approximately 150 miles north to Donington Park, the circuit where Ayton Senna drove what was later described as the lap of the century in the 1992 British Grand Prix when he passed 5 cars on the opening lap. Donington is also home to one of the biggest motor racing museums in the World housing millions of pounds worth of famous racing cars. We have arranged free entry for all participants and laid on a number of top guides to talk you through the principal exhibits. Today’s lunch will be served in Donington’s Paddock Suite.

Day three, some 65 miles south and we’re at Silverstone home to the British Grand Prix. Based in the new Silverstone Wing using the same boxes and pit lane used by F1 we’ll have access to the full Grand Prix circuit for seven glorious hours with a break for lunch with a brief introductory speech from a well known driver in the highly prestigious British Racing Drivers Club. Hallowed territory indeed, full of racing history and never open to the public, normally only available to BRDC members and their invited guests.

On all three days we’ll be accompanied by a team of top flight instructors which will include Top Gear’s Queen of the Ring Sabine Schmitz and our very own Leyton Clarke. There will full tyre support and an on board video hire service available; there will also be a number of additional attractions added as the event gets closer. We are currently talking with a leading international concierge company whom we expect will be able to offer VIP access to various clubs and restaurants. Watch our updates for the latest news.

Road Car Rental

It goes without saying those flying into the UK will be familiar with the conventional daily rental companies, for something a little more special check out Avis Prestige where you can rent a whole host of supercars including Porsche, Ferrari , Audi R8 or even a Bentley for those wishing to travel in style.

Track Car Rental

We have a wide range of track prepared cars available for rental ranging from Caterhams at around £695 per day up to a Porsche 997 GT3RS at £3000 per day, please let us know if you are interested and we will forward further details. Packages are available for car hire for all three days.

Please note it will not be possible to reserve any of these vehicles until you have made a firm booking for the event.


With an abundance of accommodation available through the internet to suit all budgets, we have decided to ‘nominate’ one or two hotels convenient to the circuits as RMA recommendations for which we will handle bookings. Over and above that we’ll leave it to you.

As a guide accommodation is available from as little as £30 per night for a twin room upwards. A reasonably decent 4 star hotel should be around £100 per night for a twin room.

Costs of the Event

The fully inclusive cost of the three track days is £1995, excluding accommodation. Additional drivers are £595 and passengers £195. Please note that it may well be necessary to limit the number of passengers that are able to be ‘inclusive’. Spectators will be free of charge.

NB Noise

Noise is an issue in the UK. Brands Hatch is the most sensitive and operate a drive by monitor which triggers an alarm at anything over 92dB (A) at 20 metres. From experience just about all road ‘supercars’ cars get through including the Porsche GT3 RS; all Lamborghini’s; and Ferraris; with the occasional Scuderia failing - usually with an aftermarket exhaust. Silverstone is not a problem and Donington is completely unsilenced.

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