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November 30 2011

RMA Track Days Announce Partnership with Akrapovic

Akrapovic Exhaust Systems Partnership

RMA are pleased to announce for 2012 a new partnership with Akrapovic exhaust systems, represented in the UK by Titanium Performance.

Already well established in the motorcycle market, the team are now moving into the automotive sector by offering a full range of exhaust systems for sports cars which can offer complete, partial, open or street legal products that significantly improve performance. The titanium used is produced exclusively for Akrapvoic and is three times stronger and more heat resistant than any other titanium product on the market and 40% lighter than stainless steel. The high strength allows thinner insulation while still achieving the highest quality standards bringing decisive advantage on track!

Representatives will be attending all our events next year with a unique Akrapovic Car Exhaust System display. On selected days Titanium Performance also aim to have a car running on track fitted with an Akrapovic system for you to sample.

For further details please see the Titanium Performance website.

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