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April 13 2012

RMA Track Days Guide to Silverstone

Home to the British Grand Prix, Silverstone is a big circuit, wide, with some enormous run off areas and relatively flat. Fantastic when you know it but difficult to learn, it can also catch out many experienced track drivers, let alone the newcomers as the sheer enormity of the place combined with the obvious lack of trees, lamp posts and the all the scenery that surrounds our public road makes gauging speed and location very difficult. Many a driver has arrived at a corner thinking they know what’s coming only to find they are somewhere completely different, and maybe in trouble!

The big, wide track and the unique topography of Silverstone can also make it difficult to appreciate just how fast a car maybe travelling, we’ve seen cars spin off on numerous occasions and the driver has had absolutely no idea as to why. The simple answer is that the car was probably doing twenty, thirty or maybe forty miles an hour more than the driver thought along the straight, they reduced the speed by an appropriate percentage for the corner, but were still travelling considerably quicker than they should have been. The end result being that Michael Schumacher couldn’t have got round the corner at the speed they were travelling so it’s not surprising that they fell off!

The secret to Silverstone is to learn it. That means lots and lots of steady laps with as much tuition as possible; don’t go out thinking you are the next Sebastian Vettel or you will end up spending more time behind the recovery truck than driving the circuit! It’s a great track, learn it and you’ll love it!

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If you would like instruction our senior instructor Leyton Clarke is available for either at an RMA track day or for private coaching. Take a look at his website to get in touch.

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