The New Snetterton 300 Circuit | RMA Track Days
June 29 2011

The New Snetterton 300 Circuit

With some of the great old corners at Snetterton unchanged the new section adds a highly technical series of 6 corners which reward accuracy and some patience. Variously, a banked hairpin and some ‘not even if you close your eyes’ nearly flat out corners make up an interesting section helping to make Snetterton a great deal more engaging particularly from the driver effort point of view! Coram now goes on, and on, and on almost a full 180 degrees into a 90 degree left hander joining the pit straight about 80 metres earlier. Also watch out into Riches!

Having been a pretty good run of the mill circuit the new Snett now rates amongst the best of the UK race tracks and Hamilton is now my favourite corner in the UK!

Leyton Clarke and Freddy Nordstrom on the Podium at Snetterton

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