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March 15 2012

Three Top Track Day Tips!

If you are thinking of doing a track day here's three things to think of before you book:

1. If you've never been on track before or on a particular circuit some instruction can be invaluable. Many track day organisers (RMA included) offer the first 20 minutes of the day open to newcomers to the track with free instruction but some one-to-one tuition can be really beneficial.

A good instructor can show you the correct lines around the track, give you hints and tips on how to get the best performance from both you and your car and let you in on the secrets which each circuit has. All of which will increase your enjoyment of the day and reduce any costly mistakes!

Instruction usually starts from around £40 for half an hour and most good instructors are members of the Association of Racing Drivers Schools.

2. If you haven't ever done a track day before make sure whoever you book with is a member of the Association of Track Day Organisers. ATDO is a non-profit making organisation, which was established in 1999 to set general safety standards and a code of practice for track days. The ATDO currently has over 50 members, consisting of track day organisers and operators, and other track day related bodies.

Check that the organiser is a member of ATDO before you book - if you take out track day insurance some insurance companies stipulate that for your policy to be valid the organiser needs to be a member of ATDO.

3. Once you've found your perfect track day, fill up with fuel before you get to the circuit! Fuel at the track can be more expensive and sometimes stations are not open all day. There is normally time at lunch to pop out and refuel should you need to.

See you on the black stuff!

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