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June 29 2011

Track Day Insurance

There appears to be a considerable amount of confusion over track day insurance which in reality works completely differently to the majority of ‘conventional’ insurance.

With the lack of lamp posts, trees high curbs and the 1001 other hazards normally found on the public roads it is very unlikely that any car would be completely written off on a track day, most £100,000 cars can be re shelled for around 40K. If you follow that theory you only need to insure the car for 40K, that would cost an RMA member £260.00, or a non member £375.00 In other words you insure the cost of the accident, not the value of the car, which will always have a residual scrap value no matter how big the accident is, unless it’s burnt to a cinder and that’s never happened in over twenty years and more than a thousand RMA events!

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