International Circuit
Fri 12 Oct 2018 - Fri 12 Oct 2018

Our Chief Instructors View.

"For me, this is possibly at the top of my list for UK tracks. Everything about Oulton Park just screams excitement and reward, from the moment you enter Old Hall on your first lap a sense of fear and respect for the track falls upon you. It is one track that demands a lot of concentration, as one minor mistake can be the end of it all! But get it right and it's fantasticaly rewarding! The back end of the circuit keeps the high speed adrenaline fuelled character that Oulton Park offers and it all finally finishes with a mighty, but technical right- left dip to bring you onto the start finish at all sorts of angles!"

 At RMA Track Days we like to treat our guests as ‘grown ups’. We allow you to overtake on either side, but on the straights only unless clear consent is given!  We expect you to drive sensibly with proper consideration for all other participants. Those who don’t tend to go home early, those who do will experience a track day like no other!

We have instructors available who will help newcomers find their feet or hone the skills of the more experienced track day driver. We operate an open pit lane with unlimited access to the circuit and keep the numbers down to ensure quality track time for all participants...

For more information on Oulton Park circuit, to read the Chief Instructor's opinion, download a circuit map or link direct to the circuits website click here.

Format of the day

 Signing On: From 8am

Briefing: 8:40am

Track Opens: 9am

Lunch Break: 1pm

Track Re-Opens: 2pm

Chequered Flag: 5pm


The noise limit for this event is 92dB drive by - 105dB static

 For the weather forecast for this event please click here

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