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Spa Francorchamps is without doubt one of the finest and most historic Grand Prix Circuits in the world. One of the most challenging track days on offer due to the circuit’s fast, hilly and twisty nature, RMA recommend instruction to enjoy the full benefit of what the circuit has to offer. A very firm favourite with RMA track day regulars, Spa offers the ultimate in driving pleasure and becomes a must on every track day driver's calendar following their first visit.

Our Chief Instructors View.

"Spa is a track that people will go to just to say they’ve been through that world famous first corner when they’re sitting around the TV watching the F1 with the family! Words cannot really describe that first corner, of course; I’m talking about Eau Rouge. The feeling you experience when this corner is executed perfectly, which also comes with being a borderline massive shunt, is a feeling that for me is unrivalled. Nearly every inch of this track offers something to every kind of driver, from the tight twisty technically minded driver, all the way through to the adrenaline junkies."

"The two main corners to watch out for here are Eau Rouge, especially in the wet and the kerbs are a huge no go area. Blanchimont also is very high speed and potentially unforgiving if you get it wrong. Come and enjoy this beautiful circuit, but again have huge respect."

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    Hotel am Tiergarten

    Hotel de la Source

    Hotel de la Source – RMA’s choice for value and convenience

    Hôtel de la Source
    Route du Circuit 22
    B-4970 Francorchamps
    Tel. +32 (0)87 79 58 00
    Fax +32 (0)87 79 58 02

    Hotel Le Val d’Ambleve

    Hotel Le Val d’Ambleve1

    Val d’Ambleve – another RMA favourite and possibly the best food in Belgium!’

    Hotel Le Val d’Ambleve
    Route de Malmedy, 7
    4970 Stavelot
    Tel: + 32 (0) 80 28 14 40
    Fax: + 32 (0) 80 28 14 59