Spa Francorchamps
Mon 14 May 2018 - Mon 14 May 2018

This date is now fully sold out! Please contact the office to be added to the reserve list if you wish to attend. If there is a cancellation you will be contacted immediately with the offer of a place.


This event will be run from the historic pits due to maintenace in the Formula 1 paddock. The historic pits are one car per garage.

The Spa event is one of the highlights of the season, two days on the World’s greatest Grand Prix Circuit is something not to be missed! You may book either day individually but if you can spare the time two days is more than twice as good as one!

The circuit is definitely not for the feint hearted and whilst we set out very strict guide lines on driving etiquette which we expect everyone to adhere to without exception, there will always be considerable speed differentials due the exceptional nature of the circuit. We also like to treat our guests as ‘grown ups’, we don’t ask you to get permission from the driver of the car in front before overtaking nor do we expect you to overtake only on the left, but we do expect you to drive sensibly with proper consideration for all other participants. Those who don’t adhere, tend to go home early!

The first thirty minutes of each day is spent on low speed circuit familiarisation, thereafter we have instructors available who will help newcomers find their feet or hone the skills of the more experienced track day driver. We operate an open pit lane with unlimited access to the circuit and keep the numbers down to ensure quality track time for all participants...


Track Rules

  • Road legal & Non road legal cars allowed.
  • No Race Teams without prior consent.
  • Slick shod cars must be fitted with a roll cage.
  • Open wheel cars are not permitted.
  • Cars must comply with 106 db(A) static noise.
  • Overtaking is allowed on either side but not on the approach to the apex of a corner.
  • Helmets must be worn by all participants.
  • Seat belts/Harnesses to be worn at all times on track.
  • Towing eyes must be fitted or easily available in the cockpit.


Drivers Briefing

Registration and the drivers briefing will take place at the Hotel de La Source each evening preceding each track day - time to be confirmed in the final instructions..



If you wish to discuss insurance for this event we recommend you contact MIS Insurance on +44 (0) 113 389 3666.



We work with a team of highly qualified instructors who can be booked by the hour, half day or full day. Their cost is £100 per hour, we can also arrange half day and full day rates. We strongly recommend pre booking instruction as availability cannot be guaranteed on the day.


Track Car Rental

There are a number of companies offering track car rental, these include: - Jaco’s Paddock, Track Group, Track Focused



Our good friend Jochen from Frozenspeed will be on hand both days to capture those magical moments on film.


Travel and Accommodation

We can assist with booking heavily discounted Eurotunnel tickets - please contact us for details. We also receive a discounted RMA rate at the four star Hotel de la Source, where a single room is just 120 Euros per night and a twin only 135 Euros, both inclusive of breakfast and situated right next to the famous corner after which the hotel is named. To book the hotel please call +32 87 79 58 00 using RMA Track Days as your booking reference.

For more information on Spa Francorchamps, to read the Chief Instructor's opinion, download a circuit map or link direct to the circuits website click here.

Euro Tunnel


We can arrange channel crossing through our partners at Eurotunnel - a five day standard return for this event is approx. £107.00, a Flexi Plus return £290.00.  Please email for details. Once again please bear in mind this event is taking place in peak holiday travel time, early booking is strongly recommended.


Please note the price of this event may fluctuate slightly to compensate for the £/€ exchange rate.

Format of the day

 Signing On: From 8am

Briefing: 8:40am

Track Opens: 9am

Lunch Break: 12pm

Track Re-Opens: 1pm

Chequered Flag: 6pm


The noise limit for this event is 103dB drive by - 106 static 

 For the weather forecast for this event please click here

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